Defending the Second Amendment

We believe the Second Amendment was adopted by our Founders in order to guarantee a way of protection for one's self, family, and country against the dangers of a broken world.

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52 Guns in 52 Weeks Raffle Winner List

Only 1,500 tickets sold | $50 a ticket!
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Protecting Your Heritage

We believe in the heritage of our country, in passing on the discipline of hunting, and in protecting the right of families to teach responsibility to their children.

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Preserving the Art & Sport

Firearms are widely used across the country in a sport of discipline and accuracy. We believe that sport is a right that shall not be restricted or infringed.

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Become a Patriot

Stand with Gun Owners of California in the fight to protect & preserve the Second Amendment

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Our Vision and Purpose

Dedicated to the unequivocal defense of the 2nd Amendment, and America’s extraordinary heritage of firearm ownership.


The Left Coming Unglued: 412,059 NEW GUN OWNERS in California!

Nothing makes a Leftist foam at the mouth more than reading the news about the explosion of gun sales. And […]

AG Announces New “Office” to Push More Failed Gun Policies

Office of Gun Violence Prevention:  What Could Go Wrong? It would be pretty challenging to find anyone who poo-poohs the […]

Current News

GOC on the Move, Court Update and Other 2A News

GOC has been heavy on the trail for the past week – biggest news is that just days ago, GOC, along […]


Judge Benitez Issues Ruling to Save Magazine Owners from Government  Confiscation and Prosecution On Monday, September 26, 2022, Judge Roger […]

AG Takes Center State in Anti-2A Push

Once session shut down and the politicians left Sacramento for their districts, California’s Attorney General Rob Bonta took his turn […]